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Time:09:16 am
Current Mood:lazylazy
home for spring break = me turning 20 and sleeping all week. wooo hoo!
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Current Music:led zeppelin
Time:08:19 pm
Current Mood:blankblank
So... right now I SHOULD be doing the following:
-reading for sociology
-finishing my chem homework
-doing calculations for my chem lab
-choosing a topic for my microbes term paper
-writing essay for SUNY ESF about why I love environmental science
-taking notes on my microbes lab for tomorrow
-curing the blisters on the bottom of my feet (ouch!)

but, ehh... I'm not doing any of that.

This semester has been painfully easy thus far (academically speaking). I'm only taking 14 credits, and working 6 hours a week. I go to bed by 11, and wake up between 7 and 8. I've been devoting a lot of time to Greens. Today marks the start of a new exercise routine (if my freakin blisters go away). I've actually had time to watch TV on a Sunday night now and again....
...so why is it that I can't seem to get motivation to get stuff done?

Things I'm looking forward to this semester:
-Activism symposium this weekend
-Being in the talent show with Nikki
-Putting on an "I love the 90s" dance with Nikki
-Getting back into a workout routine
-Having Raina and Jennie visit!!!
-Going hiking
-Having a cleanup day for greens

Things I'm not looking forward to:
-Leaving Wells and not knowing when I will see my friends again... *sigh*
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Current Music:counting crows
Time:10:21 am
Current Mood:gloomygloomy
Yesterday I found out that my Great Aunt Ruth passed away. She was 85 and died of heart failure.

Today I talked with my Grandmother about it. She is 88 years old.

Death is such a strange thing, if you really think about it. To most of us it seems very distant, but the truth is that someday everyone will die. There's no escaping it, its going to happen. The thought of death and the fact that eventually my body will cease to function is just weird. It makes me want to figure out why I'm here and what the point of life is. I'm not saying that I don't want to be here, but I just want to know why. Why was I born as a human? What does it mean to be human? Am I here for a purpose other than eating, shitting, and reproducing?

When (and if) I am 88 years old, I want to be like my Grandmother. Her mind is still working perfectly, unlike my other Grandmother who is suffering from dimensia.

I want to be able to say that its a good thing to die when you're body doesn't work right anymore. Right now I can't say that. Aunt Ruth still had a good mind, and it makes me sad to think that she is gone.
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Current Music:flaming lips - flight test
Time:06:16 pm
Current Mood:okayokay
I have a new room, which is conveniently located down the hall from Nikki. :D

Josh won a kayak today, and since he already has one, I get it!

I talked to my sister today, and things are looking up for her.

yaay for happy entries :D
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Current Music:ani difranco
Time:03:34 pm
Current Mood:blahblah
This is coming from a conversation that i had online with an old friend from highschool, with regards to my last livejournal entry:

"i'm going through a time in my life where i just don't know where i stand on a lot of issues. its not that i'm brushing people off, to be honest i'm not sure why i wrote it and i regret it. i haven't forgotten my friends or memories from highschool, and i miss a lot of that. i was having one of those moments where its like "dammit things are changing and i'm mad and i don't know how to react so let me just vent my frustrations in a place where i think its safe to do so." that journal entry has bit me in the ass enough so that now i'm regretting it"

if i went to high school with you, i apologize if i've hurt you
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Subject:its the most wonderful time...for a beer...
Time:11:39 am
Current Mood:distresseddistressed
well folksters, the holiday season is upon us. how do i know, you might ask? well, in the course of a few minutes, i was contacted by 2 people i haven't really talked to since graduation. f u c k i n g awkward. what does one say? "oh hi! i haven't talked to you in over a year, and i STILL have nothing important to discuss with you! well, i guess i'll talk to ya in another 365 days!" merry fucking christmas, and a happy goddamn new year.

i want to live on an island far far away from anyone i ever went to highschool with (except for jennie and sarah.. because they are the lights in the darkness of highschoolism).

why is life so bizzare?! things in my life seem to be just getting rocked back and forth. its pretty hard, just like college.
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Current Music:none
Time:11:50 am
Current Mood:goodgood
ani difranco #5 = awesome. she did little plastic castle. she did shameless. i learned the sign for "cunt." i think my life is nearly complete

my ecology exam was harder than anticipated, but i think he might be curving it so that makes me happy :). also, i am done with my ethics paper so i'm feeling good about where i am.

2 down, 2 to go.

almost there...
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Subject:life never stops...
Time:01:24 pm
Current Mood:determineddetermined
last full week of classes
2 finals
2 final papers
2 lab reports
...then i'm done with first semester sophomorism.

ani difranco on december 11 at Rochester

my car is for sale as i write (i'm asking $500, any takers? didn't think so...) :(

i will see my sister for x-mas :D

i still don't know where i'm transferring to or what i'll be doing next year at this time

people are suing wells for time

that's all for now i guess...
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Current Music:does being in Zabriskie count as a noise?
Time:05:33 pm
Current Mood:contentcontent


What herb are you?
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Current Music:dmb
Time:05:33 pm
Current Mood:blahblah
so here's a toast to all the folks who live in palestine

el salvador

here's a toast to the folks living on the pine ridge reservation
under the stone cold gaze of mt. rushmore

here's a toast to all those nurses and doctors
who daily provide women with a choice
who stand down a threat the size of oklahoma city
just to listen to a young woman's voice

here's a toast to all the folks on death row right now
awaiting the executioner's guillotine
who are shackled there with dread and can only escape into their heads
to find peace in the form of a dream

cuz take away our playstations
and we are a third world nation
under the thumb of some blue blood royal son
who stole the oval office and that phony election
i mean
it don't take a weatherman
to look around and see the weather
jeb said he'd deliver florida, folks
and boy did he ever

and we hold these truths to be self evident:
#1 george w. bush is not president
#2 america is not a true democracy
#3 the media is not fooling me
cuz i am a poem heeding hyper-distillation
i've got no room for a lie so verbose
i'm looking out over my whole human family
and i'm raising my glass in a toast
~ani difranco - self evident

I feel that if every American was required to read this before November 2, 2004, we would not be where we are now.
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